Each 1 ml contains:

  • Procaine Benzylpenicillin 300 mg.
  • Excipients up to 1 ml.


  • Horses, cows and camels: 1 ml per 25 kg body weight
  • Sheep and goats: 1 ml per 20 kg body weight
  • Dogs and cats: 1 ml per 10 kg body weight .
  • Treatment can be repeated every 24 hours for up to 5 days
  • For organisms susceptible to penicillin, such as Streptococcus disgalactus in sheep, treatment may be repeated every 24 hours for up to three times.
  •   Or as directed by your veterinarian.


It is used in sheep, goats, cattle, camels, horses, dogs and cats to treat infections caused by penicillin-sensitive bacteria.

(Corynx pyogenes, Pasteurella multocida, Listeria, Staphylococcus non-penicillinase-producing, Streptococcus).

This is why it is used in the treatment of the following diseases: (erysipelas, respiratory infections including pneumonia, listeria, urinary and reproductive system infections, omphalitis and joint inflammation, septicemia and secondary bacterial infections associated with viral diseases).



Hypersensitivity to penicillin and procaine.

Administration to animals suffering from severely impaired kidney function.

Side effects:

Taking high doses for prolonged periods may lead to renal dysfunction. Sometimes hypersensitivity reactions may occur

Drug interaction:

It should not be given in combination with tetracycline, chloramphenicol, macrolides and lincosamides.



Give as a deep IM injection. Shake well before use.


Withdrawal time:

  • Meat: 14 days for cows and 9 days for sheep.
  • Milk: 3 days for cows.


  • Do not use the same injection site more than once during a course of treatment.
  • Do not inject more than 20 ml per injection site in cattle.
  • Do not inject more than 5 ml per injection site in sheep.
  • Do not administer to animals sensitive to penicillin.
  • Not effective against beta-lactamase-producing organisms.



In a cool, dry and dark place, at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


It is given as a deep intramuscular injection


Bottle of 100 ml


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